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Power Sonic

Power Sonic: Keeping you in charge with reliable and innovative battery solutions

Power Sonic has been delivering quality, reliable and safe battery solutions worldwide for nearly 50 years. Our battery products are designed and manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and subject to the most stringent quality control. This process is key to ensuring both consistency and reliability with any product that carries the Power Sonic name.

Our range of battery products includes Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technologies, chargers and related accessories. As well as supplying a wide range of battery products we also provide cutting-edge energy storage solutions for smarter energy management.

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

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Power Sonic have been manufacturing sealed lead acid batteries since 1970, during this time we have developed one of the most comprehensive battery ranges within the industry. We offer a complete line of sealed lead acid batteries, each series has been specifically designed and developed to get the best out of your application.


Lithium Batteries


Power Sonic’s PSL series of LiFePO4 batteries have been designed and developed to provide a lighter, higher power and longer life solution to lead acid batteries. LiFePO4 batteries last longer and can produce 10 times the number of cycles than a typical lead acid battery. At only 40% of the weight of the equivalent lead acid battery our LiFePO4 range is ideal for those applications that need to be lighter and more mobile but deliver the same power.


Powersport Batteries

ps sport Whatever type of vehicle you have, Power Sonic have the right battery to power it. As an OEM qualified supplier to the Powersports industry we offer a complete line of Powersport batteries designed and engineered by our ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certified factory. Our wide range of sizes and battery types makes the Power Sonic Powersports series one of the best choices available on the market today.


Pure Lead Batteries

ps sport Power Sonic’s cutting-edge PSPL series adopts TTPL (thin plate pure lead) technology which provides enhanced rapid charging acceptance and a superior cyclic performance in even the harshest environments. The thin plates are made from high pure lead grids and active pure lead material which increases grid conductivity for highly efficient recharge and discharge. This also provide higher energy density making the pure lead battery smaller and lighter than an equivalent battery offering the same power.



chargersPower Sonic offers a wide range of battery chargers that meet the needs of a variety of input voltages including models with universal input, plugin and desktop configurations and added features such as shock/waterproofing and microprocessor control.

Our battery specification sheets and individual battery web pages recommend the most suitable chargers to use with that model. If you are unsure as to which charger is the best for your charging application please contact us and our team of expert engineers will be more than happy to help.

We offer durable, dependable and convenient battery chargers configured and calibrated specifically for the Power Sonic range of batteries. All of our chargers meet worldwide safety standards and are UL recognized.